Ballard Mansard 11

Not even strip malls can escape the allure of mansard roofs. Once again, the original 1962 structure has clearly been updated to its current state

Ballard Mansard 10

The Parker Paint building in Ballard was originally built in 1933. The mansard touches likely came much later.

Ballard Mansard 9

Quite the grand lady, these mansard apartments have a lot to share...three graceful mansard awnings, a grand staircase, and ornamental siding and shudders that would make any 1940s starlet happy. Built, 1943.

Ballard Mansard 8

A multi-family apartment with sunken garage, stucco siding, and multiple mansard sections. Built, 1985.

Ballard Mansard 7

Built in 1910, this mansard is obviously the result of a remodel. No data on when it was updated but the end product is a thoroughly modern mansard.

Ballard Mansard 6

A two story duplex with holiday decorations and all. Built, 1976.

Belleville Mansard 1

Another exceptional mansard found in the blogosphere. This time, Darren of Midcentury Dream found the treasure in what he describes as "undeniably a shining example of some hot mansard-on-mansard action."